Full-Care Board -- $500.00 month
  • Stabling in 12’ X 12’ well-bedded stalls with wall to wall rubber stall matting. Each horse provided with two water buckets, feed bucket, and mineral blocks.
  • Individualized feeding program for each horse with no limits placed on quantities of feed or hay.
  • Feeding of owner provided supplements at no additional charge.
  • Daily turnout.
  • Laundry service for blankets, towels, wraps, and saddle pads.
  • Full use of 72’x 220” indoor arena, two outdoor rings, wash and grooming areas, and farm trails.

Veterinary, Medication Administration,
And Farrier Care

Veterinary, Medication Administration, And Farrier Care

Daily care of an injury including and not limited to wrapping, cold hosing, application of medication and injections is billed at a rate of $10.00 minimum per treatment or $30.00 per hour. Supplies and medications are additional if not provided by the veterinarian or client. A $10 fee per day is also charged for show day medications/supplements administration.

If a Halcyon staff member must hold a client’s horse for the farrier, groom, or the veterinarian, the client will be billed at the rate of $10.00 per hour. Horse handling for routine vaccinations and de-worming provided at no additional charge.

Riding Instruction

Riding Instruction And Training

Private or Semi-Private Lesson on Student’s Horse or Pony $30.00
No time limit on lesson length.
Use of School Horse Additional $10.00
Training (grooming, handling, and training session— hour)       $25.00


    There is a $150.00 lesson/training minimum per month per boarded horse. Clients with multiple horses may distribute and transfer their lesson/training fees however they wish between their horses. It is a condition of boarding at Halcyon that clients participate in the lesson and training program.


    Please try to give at least 12 hours notice if you need to cancel your scheduled riding lesson. Any lesson cancelled within two hours of the scheduled riding time will be charged a $20 late cancellation fee and “no shows” will be charged for a full lesson.



$1.25 per mile

Mileage will be according to Mapquest calculations. Non-driving time to be billed at a rate of $30.00 per hour for non-horse show transportation. Minimum charge $20.00.

Clients are permitted to have one small trunk, a saddle bag, and a garment bag in the dressing room if there is space. You are expected to unload your equipment from the trailer immediately upon our return home. If you are not returning to the farm after the show and therefore cannot unload your equipment please take your belongings with you in your personal vehicle.



Body Clipping                                                 $125.00
Clip Ears, Muzzle, Bridlepath, Fetlocks           $20.00
Clip Legs/Scrub/Towel Dry                               $30.00
Mane Pulling                                                     $25.00 (More if excessively long or thick)
Mane Banding                                                   $10.00
Braiding                                                Mane    $35.00
                                                                 Tail    $30.00
*If an outside braider is contracted the client will be billed for the amount that the braider charges.

Horse Show Charges

Horse Show Charges


    Training Fee                                                                      $40.00/day
    Use of school horse at horse show                              $20.00/day


    Non-Attended Horse at One-Day Show                       $30.00/day
        (Wrapping, Holding, Grooming, Unbraiding, General Care)
    Same services available to all clients if prior arrangements are made.


    Clients have the option of having Halcyon staff load/unload their horse and wrap for shipping so that they can meet us at the event or leave the event when their classes are over. It is preferable that this service be pre-arranged however in the event that a client is late and the horse must be wrapped and loaded this service will be billed.

MULTIPLE DAY HORSE SHOWS                                             $25.00/day

    This fee covers Halcyon packing all that is necessary for an overnight stay including and not limited to: Feed, hay, bedding, buckets, wheelbarrow, pitchforks, hoses, generator, fans, stall doors (if necessary), tools, extension cords, snaps, etc. Services included are making arrangements for stabling and bedding with the horse show, feeding, watering, and night check unless conditions warrant the hiring of an outside “Horse Watch” service. CLIENTS ARE EXPECTED TO CLEAN THEIR OWN STALLS WHILE AT AWAY HORSE SHOWS UNLESS THEY ARE UTILIZING THE FULL-SERVICE OPTION LISTED UNDER “GROOMING”.

    Halcyon’s day charge is about one-quarter what the industry standard is for the same services. We are able to continue our reasonable charges as our clientele tries to help as much as possible when we are at away horse shows especially with the horse care and stable area.


    For away horse shows involving an overnight stay a minimum fee of $100 per day will be equally shared by all clients attending the horse show for trainer expenses. This amount may be increased if hotel or camper hookup costs so dictate. For shows involving a hotel stay the trainer is to have a private room unless choosing to stay with a client. When specifically invited to do so any client staying in the trainer’s personal camper will be charged $50.00 per night.